Help Required


ALL FUNDS will go towards the purchasing of food supplies for the food-packs, which will then be delivered to those in need.

Bank Details:

Bank: FNB
Account Name: Life Changers - WC Covid Relief Fund
Account Number: 62849951810
Branch Code: 250655
Reference: WC COVID Relief Fund

Please help those in need today!

Other Support

At this stage, it is both dangerous and difficult to have too many people running around on the ground during LOCKDOWN. Key partners have been identified and released to support the logisitics by making permits available for them to assist. That said, should the National Lockdown be lifted or the terms of the lockdown be changed, we will communicate all the areas of opportunity to get involved. These will include: Logistics, delivery services, administration, and many other areas of required assistance to ensure our community is cared for and supported.

Loving the community one day at a time